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    We are interested in working with people who can initiate mindset and behavior change in their organizations, sectors and communities so as to multiply impact after the program. Which key networks or partners would you aim to influence and how (one-two examples per team member)?*

    It’s important that teams working on diversity and inclusion are diverse themselves. Describe how your cross-sectoral team includes newcomers and locals. Please tell us briefly about your team’s experiences in this context.*

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    Which societal challenge does your project aim to address? Describe the current local context.*

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    Many projects in this field focus on newcomers as their target group and forget about locals. Who are the target groups of your project and how do you include both locals as well as newcomers?*

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    What impact do you want to have on the knowledge or mindset of your target groups? How do you want to influence their behavior?*

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    Getting to know your TEAM

    How does your team understand the term ‘’inclusive societies’’? Please upload up to 5 pictures to capture this understanding and provide each picture with a caption. caption/name/title.* max 5MB/each image. Only .jpg .png or .gif format*

    When it comes to building awareness about your own mindsets, unconscious bias, and approach to your work, what sparks your curiosity most? What would you like to learn and to understand more about yourselves in that respect?*

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    Tell us about the dynamic between the two-three participating team members. Who brings in which responsibility, commitment, skills, and resources for the project you are proposing? Have you ever worked together before?*

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