The teams have been selected mid of September 2021! There are now 18 participants from 6 cities and 3 countries participating at SIS (Shaping Inclusive Societies). Starting with the 18th of October 2021 and until the end of this month we are taking our time for the SIS-kick-off and everybody’s onboarding process together with their local team. Values are an important aspect of the group process, identification with our project and the international team – this is a brainstorming around our common values, the common standpoint when referring to SIS-values.




From 2019 -2020 seven projects from all over Germany participated in our program “Integration neu denken” (= “Rethinking Integration”). After receiving an overwhelming number of applications from all over Germany, we selected seven projects that were brave enough to critically question their own perspectives and assumptions, to be inspired by others and to make their own contribution to the network with their experiences. Here you can hear some of their voices (in German):

Caritas Verband Erzbistum Berlin


We, Caritas, have been active in Eisenhüttenstadt with our project “Voluntary service for the assistance of refugees” since 2016. In our work, we coordinate a diverse group of committed volunteers in the field of integration and provide several educational and meeting services for people of various nationalities who live in Eisenhüttenstadt.

Bridges – Musik verbindet gGmbH


Our “Bridges – Musik verbindet” (“Bridges – Music connects people”) project has been bringing musicians together – regardless of their migration background and refugee status – for over three years now. We promote intercultural dialog through orchestra and ensemble concerts, choir rehearsals and intercultural music education. By making music together, we are able to learn from each other and make integration a process in which everyone is involved. Music allows us to develop new things together while working at the same eye level and then show everyone how integration can be successful through our performance on stage.

RosaLinde Leipzig e.V.


RosaLinde Leipzig e. V. is a consulting, educational and meeting venue for LGBTIQA* persons and stands up for a society that enables every person to live a self-confident life free of discrimination and discriminatory legislation. The Queer Refugees Network aims to assist queer refugees from Leipzig and the surrounding area by providing this target group with support during the asylum process and with psychosocial counseling, while also endeavoring to contribute towards networking and the promotion of self-organization. *(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, asexual/aromantic persons)

LAMSA: Regional Network of the Migrant Organizations of Saxony-Anhalt


The MeMoGA (Mentoring Models for Refugees as a Sustainable Building Block for Integration on the Labor Market) project of LAMSA e. V. contributes towards improving the labor market integration of refugees without formal qualifications in Saxony-Anhalt. MeMoGA uses a specific mentoring model to promote the discovery and development of the hidden potential of adult refugees and their realization in sustainable employment relationships with a secure income. The pilot phase was completed in Dessau-Roßlau by the end of 2019.