Regardless if it is an analog or a digital environment: Where and how people meet can be decisive for the development of mutual understanding and an interpersonal relationship.


The importance of the environment becomes quite apparent if we look at diplomacy. There is a reason why so much effort goes into observing diplomatic formalities and protocol. However, red carpets and pretty flowers are not everything. Authenticity is also crucial. This is why we wrote out the questions below instead of creating an actual checklist. Because there is no perfect environment and no perfect method to create such an environment. The list is intended to support you only in making conscious decisions while thinking of – what are in our opinion at least – the most important things.

P.S.: We have excluded questions of a technical nature (e.g.: Can I afford this environment?).



Talk to persons with whom you work: Where do you like spending your free time? What must be provided so that you feel good at a certain place and would gladly come back to it?


Do you like spending time in this environment yourself? If not, how would you re-shape the environment to change that?


Why do others use the environment and for what purposes? Is the environment intended specifically for a certain target group? If yes, to what extent does this target group overlap with the people you wish to reach?


What is the probability that someone would enter this environment spontaneously (for an event)?


What language does the environment “speak” – in a figurative sense, but also in a literal sense? Are there printed signs or images? If yes, what are they? Does this language match your objectives?


Does the environment make your activity seem like something special or like something mundane? Which of these two do you prefer and why?


Can you also entrust the design of the environment to the other persons with whom you wish to work there?


Are you permitted to make permanent changes to the environment?

Have we omitted something?
Do you have further ideas? Don’t hesitate to write to us!

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